UFO Waterproof Remote found floating in the company of the rich and famous

UFO Waterproof Remote found floating in the company of the rich and famous

ImageDreams are nice. Yachts are better. So while you cling to far-flung notions that you'll ever truly know what 'money to burn' means, the Barry Dillers of our world are crisscrossing international waters, drenching models with diamonds and dropping their universal controllers in the hot tub with abandon. Rescuing these rapscallion, modern-day robber barons from the pitfalls of excess is Crestron, with its UFO Waterproof Remote made specifically for H2O hanky panky. The disc-shaped unit, which admittedly looks more like a pool toy than high-end control hub, comes encased in a rubberized shell and features a 2.8-inch display, giving Greek shipping heirs and their ilk instant access to lighting, security systems, A/V equipment and thermostats from the com forts of their sun deck jacuzzi. Alright, so the 1% aren't the company's sole market base, as the unit's also ideally positioned for use in hospitals, owing to its ability for easy sterilization. But let's be honest, the real reason this floating controller shares a frisbee-like shape is aerodynamics. All the better to hit your staff with, right Ms. Campbell? Official PR and its hydrophobic emphasis after the break. Show full PR text By Land or Sea, Crestron UFO Waterproof Remote Control Serves Many Needs

Full Control of Entertainment, AV, Lights, and Thermostats While in the Pool, Spa, or Bathtub; Ideal for Yachts; Submersible for Sterilizing in Hospital Operating Rooms

Rockleigh, NJ, March 30, 2012 – Outdoor entertainment is making a splash with the introduction of the Crestron UFO Waterproof Remote Control. Relaxing in the hot tub or taking a dip in the pool is even more fun when you can turn on the TV or listen to music at the sam e time. The buoyant saucer-shaped remote gives users the convenience of controlling entertainment systems, lighting, thermostats, security systems, and other connected devices without worrying about water damage. UFO is ideal for indoor and outdoor use in or around pools, hot tubs, bathtubs, spas, and on yachts. It has even found a place in hospital operating rooms.

"Crestron UFO provides all the benefits of an extended wireless coverage remote without the worries of water damage. There are all sorts of uses for a waterproof remote that floats," explains Sean Goldstein, Crestron VP of Marketing. "In addition to obvious applications such as hot tubs, pools and yachts, it's very popular in hospital operating rooms because everything in an operating room must be sterilized. UFO can be submerged in sanitizing liquid without being affected."

The intuitive user interface features customizable menus with full-color icons, making it easy to select room location, music or video source, choose a radio station, TV channel, or media title, and access lighting controls and other functions. Molded in a rugged, rubberized outer skin, UFO is resistant to damage from chlorine, salt water, and sterilization solutions. The ruggedized construction of the remote provides an added level or protection against life's elements.

With the tap of a finger, UFO provides extended wireless coverage and two-way feedback from a bright 2.8" active-matrix color LCD display. UFO works like an IR remote with instant response, with all the benefits of 2-way RF. Using Crestron 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology allows extended coverage performance up to 200 feet indoors, and 1000 feet outdoors using the optional Extended Range RF Wireless Gateway.

Additionally, UFO extends battery life up to one week by slipping into a virtual sleep mode within seconds when idle. Instant-Waking® revives UFO instantly with the press of any b utton, and button commands can be sent immediately without the connection delays common with Wi-Fi® remotes. The included indoor docking station provides a convenient means for charging the remote's internal battery.

An optional outdoor docking station provides a weatherproof charging solution and an ideal wall mount dock for both outdoor and indoor applications.

For more information about the exciting new Crestron remote control, visit UFO Waterproof Remote Control.

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