Broadcast TV networks, Dish Network file lawsuits over new Auto Hop ad skipping feature

Broadcast TV networks, Dish Network file lawsuits over new Auto Hop ad skipping feature

Dish Network shocked us just a couple of weeks ago by upgrading its new Hopper DVRs with "Auto Hop" ad skipping that targeted prime time programming on broadcast TV captured via its PrimeTime Anytime feature, and predictably, the networks aren't happy. After several executives took shots at the service during upfronts for the new fall programming in the past few weeks, Fox has filed suit in US District Court, while Dish Network responded with its own request for a court order specifying that it does not infringe on the TV network's copyrights. Just in the last few minutes, the New York Times reports NBC (Update: Add CBS to the list as well, THR has copies of the complaints from Dish and Fox.) has filed a lawsuit against Dish Network as well, and it likely won't be the last one to do so. ReplayTV folded under similar legal pressure, but clearly Dish Network thinks it has a workable solution and now it's going to be up to the courts to decide who wins.


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  • Alyssa says:

    Ya know I could understand the networks being upset if Auto Hop worked automatically on every single channel during live broadcasts, but from what I've learned through my boss at Dish, it doesn't. In fact, it's no different than pressing the skip-forward button a million times during each recording. I can even rewind back to commercials if I really wanted while Auto Hop is enabled, so really it does absolutely nothing to the feed of the advertisements. I know I'm glad Auto Hop has come around though, because with it I can now enjoy my PrimeTime Anytime recordings the next day without the interruptions and save some time.

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